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Develop fast. Iterate effortlessly.

Successful technology products are agile and respond quickly to market needs. Building your product on Cognit LoCode platform helps in reducing time-to-market for each version, without the need to scale-up your workforce. 

Our Services

LoCode Platform Subscription

Get access to our LoCode platform and start developing.

This service is for anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of backend development - improve on timelines, decrease costs and make your developers more agile. We provide subscription to our LoCode platform so you can take advantage of the agile backend development.

Platform usage:

On subscription, we will provide you a Docker image of our platform which you can run on your local systems for application development. Develop anytime, pay when you deploy. We believe in delivering end value, hence our licensing allows you to develop without any limitations. You will not be billed during the development period. The billing will only start once you deploy the application.

Prototyping Services

Faster and cost efficient way to test your idea and iterate

Prototyping is valuable in new product development to create the best, relevant product. With this service you can prototype your backend quickly. You can get feedback on your data, test key functions, improve database design, iterate and implement without having to lose out of time.  While there are many efficient tools for front facing, horizontal prototyping - LoCode platform make the same possible for backend now.

The key value we want to offer:

In today’s day and age, software needs to be agile to keep up with changing consumer needs. Though backend development was slower than desired. But with LoCode platform you can develop and iterate even on the backend, without costing a lot of time.

Key benefits:

  1. 10x Faster backend development

  2. Rapid iteration possible on key elements like database structure, workflows, access controls, file management systems

  3. Fractional development cost

  4. Pre-built UI to start off testing backend functionality - No need to wait for front-end

  5. No need to set up servers – backend operational support provides server hosting, maintenance and other services

  6. Highly suitable for lean teams

Product Development Consulting

Your domain expertise + Our technical expertise = MAGIC!

Our development consulting services provide end-to-end development from the business perspective. We not only provide software development services but also the strategic aspects - setting up user research, creating structures to capture user data, developing features to improve adoption. Instead of execution team, we work with you to design the product best suited for user.

The key value we want to offer:

Technical expertise + product management

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