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Backend development on Cognit LoCode platform helps your organisation to become more efficient, customer centric and profitable. 

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How we add value

Higher Bandwidth

More projects with same number of resources.


Developing backend on our LoCode platform requires considerably lesser resources. Your team can scale up on the number of software development projects without having to scale up on development team. And if required, this advantage can be passed on to your client letting you deliver high volume of projects at an affordable budget.

Frictionless iterations

Successful project = Happy customers

Most of the times clients don’t know exactly what they want unless they see the product. Our LoCode platform makes it easy to create an MVP quickly and let the client test it out. The process of iteration and real life use cases can start early, saving time and effort for re-design. Each project can be customised exactly to client requirements without sacrificing on speed of delivery.

With re-design or changes to requirements being a strain on project management, low code allows it to be a peaceful exchange. Making it a healthier environment for the team to code in.

Happy Developers

Create an energetic, happy and stress-free working environment for developers.

Developers free up time spent on repetitive boilerplate code and focus on work important to them - making a great application and solve interesting challenges.

The LoCode platform has the building blocks of backend coded and ready. Building on top of it, especially with the aid of interface makes backend creation infinitely faster. Definitely faster than the timelines expected industry wise for such projects.


Our Services

LoCode Platform Subscription

Get access to our LoCode platform and start developing.

This service is for anyone who wants to improve the efficiency of backend development - improve on timelines, decrease costs and make your developers more agile. We provide subscription to our LoCode platform so you can take advantage of the agile backend development.

Platform usage:

On subscription, we will provide you a Docker image of our platform which you can run on your local systems for application development. Develop anytime, pay when you deploy. We believe in delivering end value, hence our licensing allows you to develop without any limitations. You will not be billed during the development period. The billing will only start once you deploy the application.

You can choose between our flexible subscription options -

  1. Monthly platform subscription (Suitable for high volume of projects)

  2. Project-wise platform subscription (Suitable for low volume of projects)

Development Services

Outsource backend development and server operations.

Think of us as an extension of your backend development team. Our development services provide end-to-end development for your software projects. We take care of all aspects of backend including database design and management, application development, data migration, server operations & maintenance. We can also assist in understanding your client's business requirements, translating them into an optimal application design and carry out adoption & change management services for your client.

Key benefits:

  1. Highly skilled developers

  2. 10x Faster backend development

  3. Fractional development cost

  4. Frictionless changes

S-O-S Services

In times of distress, we now have a solution to bring the projects back on track.

This service is made for projects whose status is critical, running the risk of missing delivery timelines. We ease the pressure on such projects  by supercharging the backend development. We do this our LoCode solution which cuts down development time exponentially, and putting our expert developers to execute the same.

The key value we want to offer:

The earlier reality was to tradeoff between timelines and scope of project. We provide a solution where you don’t have to compromise.

Key benefits:

  1. Dedicated team of highly skilled expert developers deployed on the project

  2. Backend development that is supercharged: Application design, backend automation, business logic, workflows APIs & front-end integration

  3. Provide efficient way forward and execute backend

  4. Fractional development cost

  5. Frictionless changes

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