What is LoCode  ?


Cognit LoCode is a general purpose low-code platform which makes backend development faster, easier and more efficient. Using visual data modelling and configurations, the number of lines of code to be written is drastically reduced and developers can deploy the project faster. By focusing only on custom business logics, developers are freed from all repetitive boilerplate coding (which usually accounts for 50% to 90% of all written code) and focus on solving interesting challenges.

Our LoCode platform helps you develop backend with less friction, easier on project management and time management. It is like your personal support team that is programmable.

How does it work?

We have inbuilt many features to make backend development fast and efficient. In most cases, 'no coding' is required. Therefore instead of coding for backend, the developers just have to make configurations on the LoCode Platform. The output of the configuration takes into account the best practises in programming and data modelling. 


When it comes to writing custom business logic, the developers can still exhibit their programming expertise where it matters the most. Here also we have anticipated few use cases that can help automate part of business logics, therefore requiring the developers to write 'low code' for the same quality of work.

Schema Builder

No coding required

You can create, view and modify data structures without having to write code. Using a mix of textual input and drop down menu selections, database structure can be created within a span of few minutes.

Workflow Engine

No coding required

You can easily create automated workflows based on business requirements without code. For example, you can automate archiving, alerts, reminders, status updates on the data in a few minutes.


No coding required


LoCode platform has pre-built login module which helps developers in implementing token API authentication without writing code. We also have pre-built REST APIs.

Customised Business Logic

Less coding required


Even while writing custom business logic, developers can still use some inbuilt features for fast and efficient development. For example, we have CRON set up that allow to run a logic based on a timestamp periodically. Or caching, notification and background tasks. Or as big as BPMn style multi-step workflows.


We have 100+ such features inbuilt  that can be used in your project with as less code as possible while allowing to write code whenever required. You can write custom logic or algorithms that will improve the project while configuring the rest on LoCode.

Access Control

No coding required

The platform facilitates selection of attribute, user relationship, role level ACL as well as CRUD functions without having to write code. We have also added some additional prebuilt features :

  • Gates for various roles has been coded in so that while implementing business logic you can directly fine grind capabilities assigned to a user

  • Whitelisting or blacklisting is inbuilt hence you can directly apply row level ACLs on database without having to write code for them.

File Management

No coding required


Uploading, creating, organising and retrieval of files can be created without having to code manually.


No coding required


Menus are one of the most common and ubiquitous feature requirement and hence we have pre-built them as well. Developers can create menus and icons of their liking without having to write code.


How to access LoCode?

Based on your preferences, clients and partners can choose among following 3 levels of access to the LoCode platform for any project.

Level 1

Platform Access

If you are a developer or have a team of developers, we can provide a license and you can start using LoCode platform. We also provide support to kick start - onboarding, tutorial, query resolution. You can try our platform for free and pay only on deployment of an application.

Level 2

Platform Access + Development Services

If you want to outsource development, our team of expert developers will partner with you for software development. You can focus on the business needs while we execute your vision.

Level 3

Platform Access + Development Services + Hosting & Server Operations

If you want to outsource the entirety of business operations - we can develop and maintain your software applications. You can get development as well as DevOps like hosting, maintenance included.

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