Who can participate in Enterpryze Partner Rewards?

The Enterpryze Partner Rewards Programme is open to invited partners worldwide. If you are not yet enrolled and would like to participate, please Contact Us today

What is Enterpryze Partner Rewards?

The Enterpryze Partner Rewards Programme is a global channel incentive offered by Enterpryze to invited partners worldwide.

How can I win Pryzes on the programme?

Top 3 in the League Table at the end of every quarter: - 1st Place: 1,000 Pryzes (€1000) - 2nd Place: 750 Pryzes (€750) - 3rd Place: 500 Pryzes (€500) Win one of the Other Quarterly Pryzes: - First Customer Pryze 50 Pryzes (€50) - New Customer Pryze 100 Pryzes (€100)

How are the League Table Points calculated?

The number of league points you earn every month is based on the percentage of sales above your monthly target. For example, if you achieve 129% of your Enterpryze sales target for a month, you will earn 129 League Points. There are zero points earned if you don't reach your target in the month. To check your monthly Enterpryze sales target, please contact your Enterpryze Account Manager here.

What is the First Customer Pryze?

This is a reward of 50 Pryzes (€50) which will be awarded to participants who win their first customer. These points will be added to your account by the end of the Quarter for you to spend on a wide range of shopping vouchers, day trips and travel rewards right here!

What is the New Customer Pryze?

Participants who go above and beyond and win over 3 customers in one quarter will receive a 100 Pryzes (€100). Use them to treat yourself to something nice in the store because you've been working hard!

How will I know if I have won a Pryze?

You will be emailed a monthly eZine containing monthly updates to the Quarterly Leaderboard as well as updates regarding the winners of the First Customer Pryze and the New Customer Pryze

If I win a Pryze, how do I select my reward?

If you are a Pryze winner, you will be emailed a login to the Reward Store on this website, where you can spend your Pryzes on any of the rewards on offer. The Reward Store contains retail gift cards, digital vouchers, technology products, sporting goods, seasonal hampers, travel & hotel vouchers, dining out, spa breaks and adventure experiences for each region of the globe. Once you order your reward, you will receive it in approximately 10 working days.

If I have any queries on the Programme, who do I contact?

If you have any queries on your sales targets, sales results or Enterpryze licences, please contact your Enterpryze Account Manager here. If you have any queries about spending your Pryzes and ordering rewards, please​

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