Customised enterprise software, developed 10x faster at a fractional cost.

Businesses are rapidly digitizing and automating many internal business processes. There are two ways of going about it - buy an off-the-shelf software or develop a bespoke software. While an off-the-shelf solutions is readily available, the scope of customizations required for particular organisation is usually limited. On the other hand, building a customised be-spoke software product can be both time taking and expensive. Therefore, businesses have to make a trade-off between cost, timeline and product fit for their specific business needs.


With LoCode, businesses can reap the benefits of both options. Develop a customizable software within a time-frame that can benefit the business.

Our Services

Our Services

Development Services

Outsource backend development and server operations.

Our development services provide end-to-end development for your software projects. We take care of all aspects of your technology related requirements including software development, user management, operations & maintenance. We also assist partners strategically, in understanding business requirements, translating them into an optimal application design. We can build all kind of applications like web apps, native mobile apps (Android and iOS) and hybrid apps.

With our highly skilled and experienced technology team taking care of the technology, you can free yourself from the worries and focus on business side of the project.

Key Benefits:

  1. End-to-end development, server operations and maintenance of software.

  2. 10x faster software development.

  3. Fractional cost of development.

  4. Frictionless iterations - It is easy to get overwhelmed while getting a customised software made. We understand it is very rare to be first-time right when it comes to softwares. It is extremely fast and easy to make software changes on our LoCode platform. Hence we encourage our clients to build and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to start with and iterate as we learn from our users.

  5. Years of experience in developing enterprise grade software including HRMS, CRM, payroll management, accounting, inventory management among others. Learn More

  6. Software functionalities designed to reflect processes already familiar to your employees rather than changing internal processes based on the new software. This helps in better adoption of new software.

Our Services

Change Management Services

Services designed to ensure overall success of your project

Technology is just an enabler. Therefore acquiring a great piece of technology is only half the work done. We have seen the same software working extremely well in some organisations whereas in others they are highly ineffective. In most cases, softwares fail to serve their purpose because of either

  1. low adoption from stakeholders, or

  2. technology infrastructure related issues.


When it comes to solving business problems with technology, we need to address both the above mentioned issues. At Cognit, we partner with our clients to ensure overall success of their project. Along with software development, we also provide change management services for the software application being deployed in your organisation. Brief descriptions of our change management related services are mentioned below.

Strategy Consulting
Our consulting team assesses the current processes and technology infrastructure at your organisation, identify digitisation opportunities and helps in formulating an ideal strategy for implementing the right set of technology to aide key business processes.
Data Migration
While moving from existing legacy systems to new system, there can be a need to migrate existing user data. Our team of engineers help you in the process.
Technical integrations
Most companies use multiple  independent softwares (off-the-shelf or customised) which work in silos. We help our clients in integrating new application with existing systems, upgrading outdated technology and consolidation of applications.
Communication Strategy
Right communication strategy is key to better adoption of software by all stakeholders. Our communication strategy is centred around answering three key questions for all stakeholders. 
  1. "How is the new process better than the existing process which we are comfortable with?"
  2. "What is in it for me?"  
  3. "How do I use it?"
Communication activities:
  1. Workshops and webinars
  2. Messaging via Email / WhatsApp / SMS / Employee Portals 
  3. Training videos and other aides
  4. Analytics and usage tracking
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