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ERP Solution


Market leader in Employee Outsourcing & Recruitment services in UAE


To create one stop solution for all their core business activities. This would include aspects of HR, Finance, Accounting and recruitment. Off the shelf software always had limitation on customization, never a perfect fit for the exact requirement.While a  tailor made solution would mean huge investment in time and effort. Concerns of iterative development being expensive as this is for core business.


  1. We provided a level 3 development services for the corporation so that they can focus on the business and not developing IT expertise.

  2. The corporation has 150+ clients with each having their own business rules and process requirements. We captured and developed in weeks (instead of a months).

  3. The entire development and live testing was completed in 3 months, saving easily 9 months if this was done without aid of LoCode

  4. The software runs all their core business and is very adaptable to change in processes.

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Biotech Database (Machine Learning)


A consultancy firm creating biotech database product.


To seamlessly integrate 3 different applications involving web crawling, machine learning and data visualisation. These 3 applications have to be update daily, dependency on human teams to integrate them can lead to delays or errors. The need to integrate 3 different applications - built in their own way - to work together like they are one.


  1. LoCode platform license access helped the client team automate the workflows between different application - Python, Javascript, HTML etc

  2. The automation can be achieved without having to write a new application to do the same, instead a few configurations is all needed

  3. Information  now flows automatically and sequentially between all 3 applications everyday, without delay or hitch

  4. The teams resources which were spent on routine tasks, now freed to improve the efficiency of the core problems - like their machine learning algorithm.

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Kanzi (Learning Management System)

SaaS Product

Kanzi is a state-of-the-art, on-demand software product using which end users can successfully implement learning and employee engagement projects at any scale. Kanzi can be accessed through a responsive web application, native android application and native iOS application.

Organisations can use Kanzi to:

  1. Author e-learning courses and conduct online training.

  2. Track employee capabilities in important skills areas that drive your business.

  3. Manage workshops and classroom training sessions. 

  4. Get aware of the pulse by conducting targeted polls.

  5. Track employee satisfaction using our smart feedback application.

  6. Share company news and run employee brand ambassador programs.

  7. Encouraging knowledge sharing by crowdsourcing answers to the most demanding challenges faced by the organisation.

  8. Run contest and other fun activities in the social section.

  9. Reward employees for their participation using our gamification hooks.

Creating a  micro-learning platform, especially a customised one, might seem like a low ROI endeavour for smaller HR teams. But off-the shelf products available in market are usually not aligned for a company's specific learning needs. But instead of having make a trade-off between price and fit, developing an LMS on Cognit LoCode made it affordable to ship a be-spoke product with minimal man hours. The back-end was completed as per client's requirements within 2 weeks at a cost significantly lower than current market rates.

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