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We fuel your organic growth

With ad rates going up every day and new competition mushrooming to take a piece of your pie, the only way to grow sustainably is by understanding your customers better, building a product they love and clearly communicating the value you offer.

We help you do just that with our 3 cog model.

Our 3 cog model is designed to enable continuous learning. We learn about your customer, their goals and how they interact with your product.

We then translate these learnings to improve your product and communication.


Discover the right problem. Understand user behaviour. Ascertain product-problem fit.

Services we offer

User Research

Product Analytics

Research Engine


Build and iterate the right product and experiences 10x faster using our proprietary low-code platform.

Services we offer

Technology Consulting

Custom Application Development

Low-Code Platform


Clarify your messaging and engage with your customers when it matters most.

Services we offer

Brand & Communication Strategy

Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Design


We've helped companies like yours grow

We work with everyone from early stage start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Just like us, our clients also care about their customers and are determined to improve their lives.

Procter & Gamble
Make My Trip
CEAT Tyres
Avenues Payments
VIP Industries
Securens Systems
PayU Finance
Innovations Group
Inveni AI
Fit Zip

Our clients ask us

What do our customers do and why they do it?

Why do they say something and do another thing?

What makes them trust or distrust a brand?

How do we quickly and economically build an MVP to test our idea?

How do we build a high quality product which our customers will love?

Is our tech stack right for our use case? Is it future-proof?

Our product is getting traction. How do we engineer for scale?

Do we have a differentiated positioning in the minds of our customers?


Are we clearly communicating our offer to customers?

How do we generate more traffic and improve conversion?

How do we automate our marketing?

How do we retain existing customers and create more value for them?

What will make our customers refer us to their friends?

If these questions keep you up at night, we can help. 
Let's chat!

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